Elite American Health Systems

U.S. Health System founder Dr. Edwin Everest III has made a career of helping dihydrocodeine healthcare organizations and executives achieve their goals. Helping health systems maintain quality care while addressing the challenges of management change, Dr. Everest has been a stabilizing force in the medical industry.

Dr. Everest is a member of the American College of Health Executives and holds a Certification in Management of Accountancy. He has studied and served at the prestigious St. Bart’s Hospital in London and holds fellowships from:

Institute of Health Services Management, United Kingdom
Institute of Cost and Executive Accounts, United Kingdom
Institute of Chartered Financial Controllers and Administrators

Dr. Edwin Everest is an accredited dean with California Central University’s Department of Theology.

Dr. Alexander Everest was born in Washington D.C. and is the co-founder of Elite American Health Systems. L.L.C. Dr. Everest has consistently shown a gift of understanding the urgency and need for health care delivered effectively and without financial waste. Dr. Everest’s completed his high school studies graduating with valedictorian honors in the 12th grade. He continued his academic thirst by enrolling in the prestigious health care and business administration program at University of New Hampshire. After graduating in the accelerated doctorate program Dr. Alexander Everest took time off and co-founded along with Dr. Edwin Everest, PhD, Thd, MBA, MA, FCEA, FHSM, Elite American Health Systems. The business was founded on the trinity of integrity, commitment and dedication.

From the companies beginning Dr. Alexander Everest posseded a rare quality of nailing down the needs and requirements that lacked in the quid pro quoi of what was then the modus operandi of the health care standards. With the incomparable guidance of Dr. Edwin Everest Dr. Alexander Everest to this day retains the core principals of sound decisions, intellect and principals as well in the field of health care administration.

Dr. Alexander Everest after dedicating his life to Elite American Health Systems also simultaneously pursued his postgraduate degree in Health Care Administration at the University of New Hampshire. His thesis “ The Economics of Failed Health Care Administration” has earned many accolades and prizes in his respected field. Dr. Alexander Everest for the last eight years has dedicated his life in the spirit of a disciplined monk to the betterment of the Health Care System, not only in his beloved United States but also internationally. He now is one of the core principals of a multinational corporation that has been recognized by heads of state as well as the office workers that appreciate his unrelenting pursuit of goals realized. After placing and matching hundreds of doctors into ACGME accredited medical residencies to their true calling of specialization and expertise Dr. Alexander reins along with the companies principal founder a most profitable business in the aspects of fulfillment and continuous positive growth. From the days of Elite American Health Systems core inception to the fruitful present. Dr. Alexander Everest continues to pursue his passions of teaching along with the constant entrepreneurial eye of a gifted intellectual that refuses to compromise the principals of dedication and integrity that are embedded in him.

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