3 Ways Of Going Free Solar Panels

Free Solar our chance to be part of the country’s biggest solar giveaway and save a 3rd of your Electricity Bill: Thanks to the Government’s FEED-in-Tariff scheme, we are able to install solar panels free of charge on eligible roofs – and even with UK weather, that could save you a third off your electricity bill. More details at http://www.energysmart.com.au/.

Not only are the panels free, but so is the installation. And we’ll maintain the whole system free of charge for 25 years to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit. Just click the FREE SOLAR PANELS box at the top right of the page, give us a few details and we’ll let you know if your roof is eligible.

To give you a feel, basic criteria for a free solar system are summarised below.

Is your roof eligible for Free Solar Panels ?

Due south facing
The further south and west the better
A straightforward and fast application process with no arrangement fees
Unshaded (just 3% shading reducing solar efficiency by 25%)
Around 30m2+ of clear space
Listed buildings and homes in conservation areas are trickier because of planning regulations and if you live 500m from the sea or have a flat roof.

Rent a Roof
Rent-a-roof gives you all the benefits of solar – but at a fraction of the price. For £5 to £500 per month for our After sun support package, we will install one of our guaranteed systems, and fully maintain it for 25 years. We sell those same solar systems for £11k+ and, depending on how you use electricity, you could see your electricity bills drop by a third. So how do we do it? Just click over on the right to find out more about how our business works.

Not every roof is right for solar – maybe not facing in the right direction, or not built in a way to take solar panels effectively.

Is your roof eligible for rent-a-roof ?

Southeast to southwest facing
As far south and west as possible
The school saves 2 tonnes of carbon per year for a 4kWp system.
Unshaded (just 3% of shading can reduce panel efficiency by 25%)
Around 20m2 of clear area

Traditionally, the payback period for solar has been (very) long. That changes with the new government-led feed-in tariffs (FiTs)

You are paid for the total amount of electricity your solar PV system generates
You can use free of charge as much as you like of the electricity produced by the PV system (during daylight – you can’t store the energy).
You are paid for any electricity you don’t use and which is fed to the national grid.

For most domestic installations, the generation tariff is 41.3p per kWh, and the export tariff is 3p kWh – both are tax free and linked to RPI. Amounts drop for new installations after the first two of years – government wants to encourage and reward people who take the plunge early. Solar PV using FiTs are projected to give you an annual tax free 5-8% return on your money for a 25 year period, and a breakeven time of about 10 years. (if your time horizons are shorter or your money is tied up, Rent-a-roof may be a better option for you).

We aren’t financial advisors, but it’s helpful to run through an example of how the payments could work – and if you’re interested, give us a call or email us so that we can help you further.

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