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Article Marketing/Article Writing is one of the most profitable of the Internet marketing businesses. Beginning your home based internet marketing business is chat with a stranger not any different from starting any other business. It takes planning, effort, and determination to succeed.

Surfing the Internet looking for a home based internet marketing business? Sometimes it can be overwhelming in that there are so many choices. I am sure you will come across some product or service you might be interested in promoting.

Online retail sales grew to $155.2 billion in 2009 and is expected to grow to near $250 billion as forecast by 2014 by Forrester Research an independent research company. It’s no wonder that many fortunes are being made through Internet marketing. You can too!

Before you choose article marketing here are four things to help you focus on an article marketing, article writing business at home.

Choosing a Niche

At first it is wise to choose a product you are familiar with or one that you are passionate about. As you gain experience you can venture into less familiar opportunities.

Whether you decide to sell your own product or a vendor’s choosing the right niche at the start can mean the difference between success or failure.

Is the Vendor Trustworthy

Find out if the company or product you have chosen has industry credibility. You can determine that in part by asking how long the company has been in business.

Is their product or service a fad?
What does their website look like?
Are the sales page and the website attractive?
Do they support article marketing by providing relevant keywords, sample articles, and other resources for you?
Check the product testimonials, if you can. The National Fraud Information Center at http://www.fraud.org/tips/internet can help uncover scam and fraudulent operations.

Earning Potential

Vendors create ‘cookies’ that tell them who has sent them a customer. How long does the ‘cookie’ last? In other words can it be overridden by someone else? If so, how long does the ‘cookie’ last? How much is your commission?

Single sales are great. But, do not overlook companies that offer residual income. Seek them out. You can get paid month after month on the same customer.

Support and Training

Is there training available? Do they provide free sales materials to support and market their product? Do they offer banners, images, sample articles, and emails? Do they have a support desk and is it by phone or email?

Keep these things in mind as you make your choice. Many fail at article marketing because they get frustrated with not only the amount of choices, but also by the fact that they chose hastily. Later not satisfied with the product or service potential article marketers decide to give up.

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