The Best Electric Bikes

Folding Electric BikeElectric bikes, or E bikes are becoming increasingly popular with cyclists all over the world. The promise of being able to cycle further and faster is pretty appealing to both casual and serious cyclists.

E bikes are most popular around continental Europe but there is an increase in numbers being used in the United States too. They’re becoming more readily available everywhere and are sure to be the next big craze, let’s take a closer look at what’s causing all this hype.

What is an Electric Bike

Ok so first you should abandon any ideas of zooming about on an electric bike without pedaling, they aren’t a scooter. How they generally work is by assisting with the pedalling. This means that each rotation pushes you further, with less effort needed to maintain faster speeds.

It also means that when you aren’t pedaling there is no momentum to build on, so the motor won’t just take over and do the work for you.

Advantages of an Electric Bike

There are a number of reasons people are switching from conventional bikes to E bikes. Let’s take a look at why you might want to consider an electric bike.

Faster Travel
Probably the most obvious reason for upgrading is the faster travel. Electric bikes are able to go up to twice as fast as regular bikes and for city travel that could be faster than cars (because of congestion etc). This means faster commutes to work and makes it easier to get around.

You won’t have to put in anywhere near as much hard work with an electric bike but you’ll still be able to move about efficiently. With less sweat and more fun it makes cycling a lot more enjoyable on a daily basis.

This might surprise some readers but electric bikes have been shown to be healthier. The main reason for this is because people are more likely to use their E bike than a regular bike, and more use means an increase in fitness.

Hill Climbing
For cities or towns in hilly terrain it just isn’t practical to cycle around. The electric bike makes it a lot easier to climb up these steep hills without having to expend all of your energy in one go.

Just like regular bikes, electric bikes are better for the environment than any other transport, but because electric bikes can take you further you’re more likely to use it for longer journeys. This means less environmental damage in the long run.

Holding their value
Electric bikes hold their value better than regular bikes. This means when it’s time to upgrade or if you have to get rid of your E bike for some reason you’ll get more of your money back.

The Best Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have multiple advantages for cyclists of all abilities. With a number of uses it’s no wonder they’re becoming so popular.

Check out some of the best electric bikes around here:

What to Expect at the Chiropractor

Most people who have never been to the chiropractor have misguided expectations about what their visit will be like. Those that are skeptical may think that the chiropractor won’t be able to do them any good. They may think that going to the chiropractor is a waste of money and that they would be better off with what they consider to be a real doctor.

Then there are those on the opposite end of the spectrum who think that a single chiropractic visit will cure them of whatever back or muscle pain they may be expecting. In most cases, both of these kinds of people are wrong.

For many injuries, it takes several visits to the chiropractor to get that problem corrected. It is rare for a single visit to take care of the issue entirely, and it’s not uncommon for the chiropractor to schedule a series of follow-up visits to ensure the problem is treated the way it needs to be.

Chiropractic care can be very effective, though, and many times, it is the only way to treat some conditions. There are medical issues that surgery, medication and other conventional treatments cannot alleviate. Only skilled chiropractic care will be able to make the difference.

A professional chiropractor in Greenville, SC can treat many issues that cannot be treated successfully by other types of doctors. Many times, a general practitioner will refer a patient to the chiropractor to have their problem treated, because that general practitioner knows that they cannot take care of the issue themselves.

The chiropractic process may be a bit different for each patient. The treatment will vary based on the problem, but the chiropractor usually does everything they can to make the patient feel comfortable, especially first-time patients who may be nervous about their visit. Chiropractic visits can take as long as an hour, while follow-up visits tend to be much shorter- usually around twenty to thirty minutes. The chiropractor may need to schedule more than just a few repeat visits if the condition is severe, while other, smaller problems can be resolved in just a couple of visits.

Those who want to know more about what the chiropractic experience is like can visit chiropractor in Greenville SC. They can contact the chiropractic center directly and have their questions answers and their concerns allayed.

Advantages of an Under-Sink Ionizer

Benefits of Drinking Ionized Alkaline WaterWhile most water ionizers sit on the counter next to the sink, there are number of them that are designed to fit under the sink. Many times, these are just as expensive as the countertop versions, but they can offer a few benefits that make them more desirable for consumers. We’re going to look at a few reasons why people often choose an ionizer for under the sink for their home.

The primary benefit is that it is out of the way. There are enough items already on most people’s countertops without having another large item there. It reduces clutter to have it out of the way and frees up more space for kitchen work or for other appliances.

Not having it on the counter means it is also less likely to get bumped and broken by children playing, by house pets or by someone working in the kitchen. It can stay cleaner as well, as it is away from spill areas and cooking areas. In other words, this expensive investment can last longer and provide more value if it is placed under the sink.

An ionizer for under the sink is also one that isn’t obvious. Not everyone is going to know that it is in the house or that the water is being affected by the ionizer. That means there will be fewer questions about it and those people who don’t know much about ionizers but who are skeptical about its benefits won’t be asking a lot of questions and bothering the homeowner.

By being out of sight, the ionizer becomes inconspicuous. It can do its job and provide the necessary benefits without being a constant eyesore and reminder of what is going on with the water. Just having a water ionizer can provide a number of advantages to drinking plain tap water, but having an ionizer for under the sink offers even more advantages that homeowners are now learning about and appreciating. Anyone interested no finding out about one of the better under-sink ionizers can visit a site like ionizer for under the sink and read a professional review on the product. Then they can make their own decision as to whether this kind of ionizer is right for them.

3 Ways Of Going Free Solar Panels

Free Solar our chance to be part of the country’s biggest solar giveaway and save a 3rd of your Electricity Bill: Thanks to the Government’s FEED-in-Tariff scheme, we are able to install solar panels free of charge on eligible roofs – and even with UK weather, that could save you a third off your electricity bill. More details at

Not only are the panels free, but so is the installation. And we’ll maintain the whole system free of charge for 25 years to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit. Just click the FREE SOLAR PANELS box at the top right of the page, give us a few details and we’ll let you know if your roof is eligible.

To give you a feel, basic criteria for a free solar system are summarised below.

Is your roof eligible for Free Solar Panels ?

Due south facing
The further south and west the better
A straightforward and fast application process with no arrangement fees
Unshaded (just 3% shading reducing solar efficiency by 25%)
Around 30m2+ of clear space
Listed buildings and homes in conservation areas are trickier because of planning regulations and if you live 500m from the sea or have a flat roof.

Rent a Roof
Rent-a-roof gives you all the benefits of solar – but at a fraction of the price. For £5 to £500 per month for our After sun support package, we will install one of our guaranteed systems, and fully maintain it for 25 years. We sell those same solar systems for £11k+ and, depending on how you use electricity, you could see your electricity bills drop by a third. So how do we do it? Just click over on the right to find out more about how our business works.

Not every roof is right for solar – maybe not facing in the right direction, or not built in a way to take solar panels effectively.

Is your roof eligible for rent-a-roof ?

Southeast to southwest facing
As far south and west as possible
The school saves 2 tonnes of carbon per year for a 4kWp system.
Unshaded (just 3% of shading can reduce panel efficiency by 25%)
Around 20m2 of clear area

Traditionally, the payback period for solar has been (very) long. That changes with the new government-led feed-in tariffs (FiTs)

You are paid for the total amount of electricity your solar PV system generates
You can use free of charge as much as you like of the electricity produced by the PV system (during daylight – you can’t store the energy).
You are paid for any electricity you don’t use and which is fed to the national grid.

For most domestic installations, the generation tariff is 41.3p per kWh, and the export tariff is 3p kWh – both are tax free and linked to RPI. Amounts drop for new installations after the first two of years – government wants to encourage and reward people who take the plunge early. Solar PV using FiTs are projected to give you an annual tax free 5-8% return on your money for a 25 year period, and a breakeven time of about 10 years. (if your time horizons are shorter or your money is tied up, Rent-a-roof may be a better option for you).

We aren’t financial advisors, but it’s helpful to run through an example of how the payments could work – and if you’re interested, give us a call or email us so that we can help you further.

How to Know If a Home Has Asbestos

always use qualified inspection pros

have your potential home inspected for moldOne of the most serious hazardous materials founding homes is asbestos. It wasn’t always considered a dangerous material, but in the 1980s, it was discovered that it could cause serious health problems when airborne. Normally, asbestos will be tightly packed in the walls, around pipes, inside the ceiling and in other concealed spaces. It serves as an insulator, but if it becomes damaged it can be released into the air and get into a persons’ lungs, causing serious health problems for them.

That’s why in the 1980s, the use of asbestos in homes was no longer allowed. There are still some homes made before that time, however, that still have asbestos in them. In many cases, no one has bothered to look or asbestos or didn’t take time to have it removed, deciding rather to live with the problem than pay the expense of getting rid of it. This means that anyone who is buying a house that is more than a couple decades old should find out if that home has asbestos in it.

For those living in homes built before that time who have never had an inspection performed, it is important that they look for signs of asbestos. While homeowners could perform the search themselves, that is not recommended. It is best to have professional home inspections in Los Angeles county performed to determine if asbestos is present. Only professionals will be able to not only find asbestos with more effectively using powerful state-of-the-art tools, but they will also be able to do so without releasing the hazardous materials into the air. Then, they can either remove it themselves or recommend a service that can do so.

By contacting inspectors such as Home Inspections in Los Angeles County to handle the home inspection, homeowners can keep themselves from the risk of encountering asbestos. They can also know for sure if their home is filled with the material and then have it safely removed. This is something every homeowner should take seriously, as it can mean the safety of themselves and their family.

Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus, most of the time in a fallopian tube. Positive Health Wellness This usually occurs because something slows or blocks the movement of the fertilized egg into the uterus. Most ectopic pregnancies are a big risk to the mother, but if caught early can be treated with surgery.

Ectopic pregnancy can happen to any woman but is more common among women with a history of endometriosis which is a condition where endometrial-like cells appear and flourish in areas outside the uterine cavity wich causes pain in the pelvic area and legs. Pelvic inflammatory disease which is inflammation of the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries. Having tubal surgery and then conceiving after the hysterectomy can also increase the risks of an ectopic pregnancy by 60 percent. Also included in the at-risk group are those who got pregnant while using progesterone-only birth control pills, women who used a morning-after pill that failed to work and women who became pregnant with an IUD in place. Although with newer IUDs, especially the hormonal ones, the chance of an ectopic pregnancy is a lot lower. Usually after having and being treated for an ectopic pregnancy more than 50 percent of women will conceive and have a normal pregnancy within a year.

So, now that we know who is generally at risk for ectopic pregnancies. How do you know if you are currently carrying one? Ectopic pregnancies have many symptoms, but they might not seem out of the ordinary to some which is why consulting your doctor during pregnancy is very important for any woman and their baby. Symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy include pain on one side of your abdomen and abnormal bleeding. If you notice these symptoms inform your doctor, an ultrasound might be necessary in order to diagnose the ectopic pregnancy. However if the pregnancy does go unnoticed you are at very high risk for the fallopian tubes to burst since they aren’t designed to carry a fertilized egg. If your fallopian tube ruptures, you may experience nausea and vomiting, dizziness or weakness, severe abdominal pain, rectal pressure, shoulder pain, heavier bleeding, and fainting. If any of these more severe symptoms ever happen a doctor needs to be notified immediately. If the ectopic pregnancy goes unnoticed and the fallopian tube ruptures as mentioned above then that tube will no longer be able to function and will need surgery to remove the tissue and avoid further damage and internal bleeding. The good news is a normal in utero pregnancy is still possible for many women.

Remember to always let your practitioner know about any painful cramps during pregnancy especially if bleeding or spotting precedes the cramping. About 1 to 2.5 percent of all pregnancies are ectopic, most are caught early and have nothing to worry about. After having an ectopic pregnancy women will have a 15 percent chance of having another ectopic pregnancy, but many go on to have a perfectly normal and otherwise healthy pregnancy.

Hardwood Flooring for Basement

Everybody out there may be renovating the home as well as office by installing Hardwood Flooring. Whereas Hardwood Flooring has change into the most well liked flooring choice, its set up in the basements remains to be a giant question. Lets know why it is so and what are the alternatives then?

Installation Of Hardwood Flooring In The Basements

Hardwood Flooring is considered the best choice to give a house an authentic appeal. There are a number of house owners opting for Hardwood Flooring. However, in the case of Hardwood Flooring within the basements, there are some elements that must be considered. Information available here

For instance, moisture ranges are comparatively high in the basements areas. Provided that, the Hardwood Flooring cant stand up to excessive moisture, installing it may turn out to be poor investment.

Nonetheless, there for all those that want only Hardwood Flooring of their basements, there are numerous alternatives available in the type of Engineered Hardwood Flooring and Laminate Flooring. Lets know more about these alternatives.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Relating to set up within the basement, Engineered Hardwood Flooring is considered to be the perfect substitute to hardwood flooring. Covered with 1/eight inch thick strong hardwood layer, the Engineered Hardwood Flooring can merely be described because the improvised version of Hardwood Flooring.

The part beneath this layer is a mix of high-density plywood and fiberboard. In fact, the Engineered Hardwood Flooring is polished greater than thrice to make them appropriate for installation within the basement.

Such type of make ensures the capability of Engineered Hardwood Flooring to resist the hostile changes in the climate. Although the Engineered Hardwood Flooring is more suitable than the frequent Hardwood Flooring, it’s suggested that sub-flooring should also be installed while opting for it. Take a look at our site

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is counted as one other greatest different to the Hardwood Flooring when it is in regards to the installation in the basements. The Hardwood Flooring is produced from robust, compact fiber board that’s additional layered with melamine-infused paper.

In comparison to the Engineered Hardwood Flooring, the Laminate Flooring can resist scratch, moisture, and different local weather elements.

As the Laminate Flooring shouldn’t be constructed from actual hardwood, while installing it some gap should be left in order that expansion and contraction could be attained easily. In order to complete protection against moisture, sub-flooring is really helpful with the Laminate Flooring as well.

Irrespective of, Hardwood Flooring is just not that a lot environment friendly to be put in within the basements. And the actual fact there are completely different alternatives accessible eases the task to get the most effective flooring done.

You can also get quite a few choices relating to the colours, textures and sizes. Whats more, there are numerous Wood Flooring Suppliers getting themselves registered over the Internet and making the task simpler for you.Thank you for your interest

Understanding the Benefits of Supplementing Testosterone

many men struggle with low testosteroneLow testosterone affects a man in various ways.  The worst that can happen to him is low sexual drive. If you have low testosterone, you always be in a bad mood and no energy to have sex. This is one reason for you to seek testosterone supplements.  They help to boost your T levels and make you the man you have always been.

Taking testosterone supplement comes with many other benefits apart from enhancing your sexual drive. A normal man should have between 300 and 900 nanograms. Anyone who has below than that will need to undergo therapy to increase the levels in the body.


  • Low testosterone is linked to difficulties while having sex. Taking the supplements renews your sexual interest and you can maintain an erection for long.  The whole sexual feeling when having an intercourse makes your feel heavenly instead of weakness that occurs in any one who has low testosterone.  Every man should get for therapy once they discover that they have low testosterone. If not treated with supplements, it can affect your life beyond the bedroom matters.  As a man, you will feel ashamed and embarrassed because you cannot satisfy your woman. Stress will set in and it can lead to numerous physical and mental health problems.
  • Increasing testosterones levels enables you to prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome. In most cases, you have to get rid of cholesterol in the body either by working out or through the supplements that you take during the therapy.
  • Studies carried out recently by doctors have shown that men with good levels of testosterone live longer than those who are struggling with low levels. It may not be the low testosterone, but other factors that affect such a man. Frustrations and stress of failing to perform as a man are mostly known to cause problems to men. That is why you need to boost the levels using supplements and avoid getting involved in situations that can leave you feeling totally stressed.
  • Getting treated for low testosterone strengthens the bones and you can prevent osteoporosis. The supplements also help in controlling blood sugar. This aids in preventing diabetes.
  • Low testosterone has linked to heart diseases. It is not directly linked to the cardiovascular problems, but it’s believed to bring factors that create a bad environment for the heart.

Taking testosterone improves energy levels and moods in a man.  The person stops getting irritated easily and can control their anger properly.

We hope that you have liked our list of benefits of testosterone supplement and that you take advantage of it if you feel tired, low on energy and have a low sex drive.

Basement Room Ideas

If you live in a typical home, your basement takes up 1/3 to 1/2 of your whole house. So what are you going to do with that much space? Have you been looking at basement bar carpet flood damage Melbourne designs with full surround sound theatre, your other half might have a few ideas, such as an in law suite, storage space or maybe another family room.

It takes up typically one half to one third of your entire house. Are you making the most of that space? Whether you want extra storage space, an inlaw suite, or are looking for a home theatre set up to impress your friends, your basement represents many opportunities. Are you taking advantage of them all?

Many people buy their homes shortly after they get married. They buy them thinking that they are far more spacious than anything they’ll ever need. However, over the years, things change. The couple adds more possessions, children are born, and the house just seems to be straining at the seams to encompass it all. That’s when the dilemma begins. Should we buy a new house, even though we love the one we’re in, or should we find an alternative? As people start thinking of expansion, refinishing basements becomes a key consideration. After all, this method doesn’t require moving, but it will make use of extra space in the home you already own.

We’ve put together a few basement room ideas on how you can make the most of the space you have…

If you do much entertaining at home you may want to consider setting up a bar in your basement. Hosting parties from your full service basement bar is not only convenient, it is fun. Often basement space isn’t utilized, and putting in a private basement bar allows you to use the space available in a way that will not only enhance the value of your home, but it will enhance your social life as well. There are a few things you have to consider when coming up with basement room ideas.

how to design a home theatre in basement

Converting a basement into a home theater area can be a fun family project. The basement in most homes usually has ample floor space for a project of this type. The renovated basement will add value to the home and becomes a beautiful extension of your usable living space.

2010 Kia Sorento Debut in Frankfurt Germany

Kia apparent the new 2010 MY Sorento at the 2009 Seoul motorshow in April. Car paint protection The 4.7 accent long, 7-seat Sorento appearance a higher-class berth than the antecedent model, some sleeker architecture elements and a added ample interior.

The R ancestors of engines will accommodate the new 2.2-litre turbo agent unit, which pumps out 197PS and 421Nm of torque. Mated to it is a best amid a 6 acceleration chiral and a 6 acceleration automated transmission.

Kia says it has aesthetic the ride affection to advance the car’s on-road abundance while befitting its aboriginal off-road adeptness intact. On the accessories side, an agent alpha button, keyless access and in-mirror abandoning camera will be available.

‘Stand-out’ administration for all-new Kia Sorento:

Modern, able administration with a bright activating attending differentiates the all-new seven-seater Kia Sorento that makes its European admission at the Frankfurt Motor Show abutting month.

New Sorento is best and lower than the accepted archetypal and incorporates Kia’s new architecture DNA into its ‘stand-out’ looks, while featuring a abundant added ample and comfortable cabin. The 4,685 mm continued SUV is additionally decidedly sleeker than the antecedent archetypal with an aerodynamic annoyance amount of Cd 0.38 – bottomward from 0.43.

The best accepted agent best in Europe is accepted to be the all-new 2.2-litre agent assemblage from Kia’s ultra-modern ‘R’ ancestors of engines. This awful aggressive assemblage produces 197PS and 421 Nm of torque, and will be offered with either a six-speed chiral or Kia’s all-new world-class six-speed automated transmission.

“With the new Kia Sorento, we accept created an all-new, ‘Highline Cruiser’ that we accept offers buyers the allowances of an agitative all-rounder with a abundant broader appeal,” commented Panu Vainamo, General Manager Marketing, Kia Motors Europe. “Kia engineers accept ditched the aboriginal Sorento’s body-on-frame anatomy and advised an all-new monocoque bodyshell – accomplishing a weight accident of up to 215kg, abundantly convalescent ammunition abridgement and accidental to a added controlled ride than accepted from a 4×4.”

The new Sorento’s ride and administration antithesis has been biased added appear on-road composure but after blank the aboriginal model’s acclaimed off-road talents. High-tech appearance will accommodate keyless entry, an agent alpha button, in-mirror abandoning camera and a across-the-board bottle sunroof.

The all-new Kia Sorento will accomplish its European premiere at 13.00 hrs (CET) on Tuesday 15th September, during the Frankfurt International Motor Show. The line-up, final blueprint and prices of the all-new Sorento will be appear afterpiece to the car’s UK on-sale date of 1st February 2010.

Home Internet Marketing Business

Article Marketing/Article Writing is one of the most profitable of the Internet marketing businesses. Beginning your home based internet marketing business is chat with a stranger not any different from starting any other business. It takes planning, effort, and determination to succeed.

Surfing the Internet looking for a home based internet marketing business? Sometimes it can be overwhelming in that there are so many choices. I am sure you will come across some product or service you might be interested in promoting.

Online retail sales grew to $155.2 billion in 2009 and is expected to grow to near $250 billion as forecast by 2014 by Forrester Research an independent research company. It’s no wonder that many fortunes are being made through Internet marketing. You can too!

Before you choose article marketing here are four things to help you focus on an article marketing, article writing business at home.

Choosing a Niche

At first it is wise to choose a product you are familiar with or one that you are passionate about. As you gain experience you can venture into less familiar opportunities.

Whether you decide to sell your own product or a vendor’s choosing the right niche at the start can mean the difference between success or failure.

Is the Vendor Trustworthy

Find out if the company or product you have chosen has industry credibility. You can determine that in part by asking how long the company has been in business.

Is their product or service a fad?
What does their website look like?
Are the sales page and the website attractive?
Do they support article marketing by providing relevant keywords, sample articles, and other resources for you?
Check the product testimonials, if you can. The National Fraud Information Center at can help uncover scam and fraudulent operations.

Earning Potential

Vendors create ‘cookies’ that tell them who has sent them a customer. How long does the ‘cookie’ last? In other words can it be overridden by someone else? If so, how long does the ‘cookie’ last? How much is your commission?

Single sales are great. But, do not overlook companies that offer residual income. Seek them out. You can get paid month after month on the same customer.

Support and Training

Is there training available? Do they provide free sales materials to support and market their product? Do they offer banners, images, sample articles, and emails? Do they have a support desk and is it by phone or email?

Keep these things in mind as you make your choice. Many fail at article marketing because they get frustrated with not only the amount of choices, but also by the fact that they chose hastily. Later not satisfied with the product or service potential article marketers decide to give up.

Am I Bipolar?


Is this a question you have been asking yourself?   It must be or you wouldn’t be here. Right?  Maybe you took a bipolar test online, and the results have you wondering. Maybe you have just learned about some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder and you are thinking that “this could be me”

Maybe you have been labeled as “bipolar” by someone other than a professional and it has you wondering.
Or maybe you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder by a psychiatrist or another expert in this field.

Sometimes we find ourselves identifying with one of the many famous people we hear about who have bipolar disorder and this once again has us asking ourselves “am I bipolar”?

If you are seeing a professional and have been given another diagnosis such as borderline personality disorder or any one of the other psychiatric disorders and you find that your medication is not working, this may also have you asking yourself, “am I bipolar”

Whatever the reason you are asking yourself this question, you obviously want answers and that is the best place to be. People who are in denial and don’t want to know the truth are the ones who suffer needlessly.
Consider yourself ahead of the crowd, because you are making your mental health a priority.

If you have for instance taken an online bipolar checklist test, it is just that, a checklist. It is just a guideline. At this point you need to start a journal and record the symptoms you have noticed and that match the symptoms available online. This is a list you need to take with you when you speak to a professional, a skilled clinician who has plenty of experience with these disorders.

You want the best help you can find. An expert who has spent time treating other clients with these disorders and who can help you sift through all of the feelings and symptoms you have noticed. But being honest with the professional is essential.

If possible take along another person who knows you, and who has spent a lot of time with you who might be helpful both in helping you remember things about you or your history and also who can be an extra set of ears when the Dr. or therapist provides answers or suggestions to you. I know from experience that anytime a person goes to a Dr. or another important appointment, when you get home and attempt to relay the information that was shared with you, it is sometimes hard to remember all that you were told. This is where it is helpful to have another set of ears that can help you sort the information out once your appointment is over.

In order to have a reliable diagnosis, you must share a number of things which include your feelings, your thoughts and any bipolar behavior you have experienced. This helps to avoid misdiagnosis. Misdiagnosis sometimes happens because bipolar behavior can also resemble other mental health disorders, such as borderline personality disorder, ADHD  bipolar disorder connection or bipolar depression symptoms.

One final thought on the question “am I bipolar”?  Always remember that it is your mental health at stake here, you must do due diligence and educate yourself as much as possible. No one cares about your health more than you.


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